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Start Your Profitable Business

From Scratch Blueprint

Gain Immediate Access To My Step-By-Step Business Blueprint that will Give You the Tools You Need  To Build Out Your Business In One Place


 Save 60% Right Now and get $5,600 in FREE Bonuses 

Memorial Day


Tired of listening to all of the gurus on social media and YouTube and remaining confused and frustrated about the RIGHT next step for you and your business?

If so, you’ve found the right place.

This Is For You If...

You have a new business idea, and you’re looking to bring your products/services to the marketplace.

This Is For You Even If...

You don't know where to start. 

You’ve tried other programs unsuccessfully. 

You work  a full-time job. 

You don't have a lot of money to invest. 

You’re looking to make an impact and create a positive influence with your business.

You’re looking to get off of the revenue roller coaster and you’re looking to create predictable and consistent income.

You’re willing to commit to six months of coaching, accountability, and community building.

You’re coachable.

Start Your Profitable Business
from Scratch Blueprint?


What is in the 

What  You Need to Know and MORE to Start Your Business is in ONE PLACE! Here’s what you’ll get.

6 Months  of Business Mentorship

You will have a customized online curriculum and online business mentorship and coaching from Attorney Jamila Moore

$10,400 value

5 VIP Coaching 


Private business strategy sessions to get additional support and coaching as you journey through building your million dollar vision.  

$5,000 value

Legal, Branding, & Accounting Advisory

You will be able to learn how to legally protect your profits, basic accounting practices and branding practices by receiving guidance as to the policies and systems that you should have in place as a business owner. 

$5,000 value

Monthly Accountability & Planning Sessions

You will be supported with additional sessions to help you develop the tools and strategies to create the backend systems, customer pathways, and execute on your learning.

$3,200 value


Plus these Incredible  Bonuses 

Start Your Business From Scratch Workbook 

$2,997 value

Launch, Offer, Email & Content Templates 

$997 value

Business, Lead Magnet, Launch & Masterclass Checklists

$997 value

Expert Podcasting & Building Multiple Streams of Income Masterclasses

$597 value


You Will Learn...

The Start Your Profitable Business From Scratch Blueprint is a 6 months, guided program dedicated to helping aspiring and new entrepreneurs in all facets of business, from set-up to launch...and even legal protection. This includes

  • Client Attraction

  • Content Creation

  • Branding

  • Offer Creation 

  • Monetize in Different Ways  

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Legal Strategy

  • Business Finances

  • Business Strategy

...and more

 You will learn everything I less time, with less
 and for less money. 

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There's More

But Wait,


I've compiled an unmatched high-end curriculum that will not only ensure that you learn how to monetize your skills, talents, and knowledge but also legally protect your profits, learn how to run a business (not simply sell a product or service), and perfect your communication and presentation skills.

The 0ne-on-One Program
 alone is worth the cost of tuition

Limited Time Offer: Take advantage of this unbeatable price of 60% off the regular cost of $7,500 and jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey for only $3,000 until May 31 !


Be one of the First 10 Purchasers and also receive FREE  access to the Legal ABC's: "What You Need to Know about Contracts in Your Business"

Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster

Co-Founder of Kusudi Consulting Group

This mastermind is a step-by-step guided process in a community of innovative partners that helps you build your business and your brand in a way that attracts others to what you have to offer. This is done in a shame free environment where everyone is at a different stage on their millionaire journey and they feel welcomed, valued, and encouraged. In addition, the learning opportunities are flexible even for those with busy schedules.

Still Have Questions?

No problem! Book a FREE call to learn more and see if we can support you in building and/or growing your business.

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