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Welcome to the entrepreneur’s one-stop-shop to legal-proof your business and increase your profits. 

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and world changers that are legally protecting their businesses while creating and scaling their businesses and brand to six and seven-figures.


“I’ve heard too many stories of entrepreneurs that lost tons of money when starting and growing their business because of what they didn’t know what to look out for from a business and legal perspective. I’ve decided to put a stop to that!” 

- Attorney Jamila Moore

that are legally protected

do for you and your business?

What would having increased profits

All Your Business

Needs Start Here

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Create Ready to Buy Products

Turn Your Content into Cash

Create a Five-Figure Launch

Build a Profitable Brand

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Copyright your Curriculums and Books

Create Contracts that Make You $$

Trademark Your Ideas + Programs

Ensure Your Business is in Compliance 

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Automate Your Lead Generation

Automate Your Income

Learn How to Hire Right

Build out your SOPs


I Am & More



As an attorney, I’ve seen A LOT of talented entrepreneurs who gave up too quickly for a reason that you don’t hear about often. They joined programs, attended challenges, and went to conferences. Got hyped up before realizing they didn’t actually have a business. They didn’t have an offer, had no clue whom they wanted to serve, and definitely weren’t taking the proper steps to protect themselves or the business they thought they had. 


I've seen this problem time and time again, and I am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs reach their target audience, create and market successful offers, and ultimately help them make the money they want to make.

The icing on the cake is that I’m a licensed attorney, so I also help them protect their business and their profits in the process. 

Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster

Co-Founder of Kusudi Consulting Group

This mastermind is a step-by-step guided process in a community of innovative partners that helps you build your business and your brand in a way that attracts others to what you have to offer. This is done in a shame free environment where everyone is at a different stage on their millionaire journey and they feel welcomed, valued, and encouraged. In addition, the learning opportunities are flexible even for those with busy schedules.

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