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Your Profits, Business & Brand


Legally Protect

Gain Immediate Access to a Trustworthy Attorney without the Expensive Attorney Retainer Fees while Protecting Your Path to Millions


Implement These 5 Critical Steps That You Need to Start, Grow, and Protect the Profits in Your Business Without Hiring an Expensive Attorney Even if You’re Starting From Scratch

Attention Entrepreneurs

This Is For You If...

You want to focus on running your business without worrying about whether your  business is protected

You have intellectual property that you’re ready to protect legally

You’re tired of having a VA create your contracts

You’re tired of spending thousands of dollars on unreliable attorneys and not getting the support you need

You’re tired of losing lawsuits and chargebacks

This Is Not For You If...

You’re not making consistent income in your business

You don’t have proven frameworks and courses that need to be protected

You want to deal with your own lawsuits and chargebacks

You’re tired of your paying clients stealing your content and reteaching it

You’re not interested in protecting the million-dollar business you’ve built or are in the process of building

"Running a business without legal advice is like driving a car without adequate insurance. You are overexposed to unnecessary risks to your profits, business, and brand."

- Jamila Moore

Here's What's Included

Quarterly Legal Compliance Audit

Live Monthly

Legal Trainings

One 1-on-1

30 min Action Planning Session 

25% Off the Legal Hourly Rate

Free Email & Text Communication With An Attorney

Access to Legal


*with Yearly Subscription 

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Alexa Young, CA

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