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Surviving Unhappy

In this modern world, life would seem to be a better place. Life would seem to be set up in a way where there was no such thing as unhappy. The truth is unhappiness can occur at any any any situation. The great Google defines unhappy as dissatisfied or displeased with a thing, state of being or situation.

Lesson: It is okay to be unhappy sometimes.

The truth is, I am unhappy right now. I am displeased with my current job. Me, being an attorney that completed law school at night while working at a high performing charter school during the day is dissatisfied with the work that I do. I had to sit and think. What is going on?

Lesson: Dig deep into the why to find the true source of your unhappiness.

Is it the long hours? Well, you’ve done that and more. Is it the unpredictability of the day to day of the job? Working at a school is highly unpredictable, or is it? Is it working in isolation? The truth is…it is the work. I do not like it. It is somewhat meaningless as there is no social impact to the work that I complete, and at times, there are too many assignments calendared for one person. I am not a machine, and when I am overworked, my quality of life diminishes. I do not like that. Times where I can wake up and workout before work, doesn’t exist when I am unhappy. Times where I can prepare meals for an entire week doesn’t exist when I am unhappy. Times where I can read a chapter or two after work doesn’t exist when I am unhappy. I DO NOT LIKE BEING UNHAPPY!

Lesson: It is what you do with the knowledge of your unhappiness that will determine if the “unhappy” saga continues.

Now that I am clearer on the source, or at least one of the sources to my unhappiness, I must make a decision. I can decide either to stay and wallow in my unhappiness or to GET OUT of my unhappiness. Me being me, I am choosing to GET OUT. Life is too short for me to spend any amount of time unhappy. This is especially so when the sacrifice of happiness does not lead to the accomplishment a specific goal or helping out a person in need who will be grateful and appreciative. My reality is...I need a new JOB!

Lesson: If you let it, unhappiness can teach you...teach you a lot about you...teach you a lot about your likes and teach you a lot about your dislikes.

Today I choose to make “unhappiness” my teacher. Unhappiness has had its shining moment for way too long in my sphere of being. I really like when I get up early and get my workout done. I really like when I am able to read after work. I really like having a BALANCED LIFE. So that… is EXACTLY what I will do. So long unhappiness… well at least for now. For I am sure, you will try and creep your ugly head up again. But that is okay because you taught me something this time around...and trust, I won’t be repeating this same mistake!

Lessons in Being me and Becoming me— all at the same time

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