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The Mirror is Me

A mirror is defined as a reflective surface that reflects an image. The first time one ever looks into a mirror there is a pure image staring back, and he or she is at liberty to create the image that is to be. That very first time looking into the mirror leads to questions about who one is, how they came to be, why he or she has certain characteristics and a general pondering.

Lesson: The answers to all the questions above will always be in the mirror as the mirror reflects the person looking into it.

As life goes on, family, friends, strangers and acquaintances answer these initial questions for the individual. The answers to these questions shape the identity of that person. The third-party answers are so impactful that every time he or she looks into the mirror they now see their experiences and words told to them by others instead of the true them that once looked back at the person. All of sudden, the person KNOWS exactly who they are, why they are, and how it is they became such. However, that simply is not true. By listening to “them” the person actually lost a great deal of him or her and became more of them, their words and their jaded opinions. Due to this, who a person becomes is not necessarily what he or she believes to be true, but what another has imparted to him or her through conduct and/or words.

Lesson: Third-party opinions of you are not full proof. Many times, third-party opinions are subjective and based upon their own experiences and mindsets. Therefore, their opinion does not necessarily equate to truth.

The positive words and experiences leave the mirror intact while the negative words and experiences begin to crack the mirror equaling BROKENESS. The cracks begin to distort the image reflected back; thereby, making one more insecure and less aware of who they are, why they are, and how they came to be. Too many of the cracks ultimately shatter a mirror, which will leave one with a huge mess to clean up. A mess, likely without help!

What happens when you start to look in the mirror and no longer recognize the person staring back? What happens when you believe the experiences and or words imparted onto you? What happens when there is a new you that you never dreamed of becoming? What happens when you can no longer identify the person staring back at you?

Lesson: When the reflection in the mirror based on the opinions and conduct of others without your opinion weighing the most, you’ve entered into an identity crisis.

Once an identity crisis is in full swing, such can only be mended by putting the shattered pieces back together and forming YOUR true identity. YOUR true identity forms after the joy, peace, hurt, and pain of the words and experiences are intentionally moved to their rightful setting. Some pieces will exist no more while others will take a larger space, but in the end, brokenness will be no more.

Lessons in Being me and Becoming me— all at the same time

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