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The Trap of Comparison

Today the innocent task of logging on to social media became so much more. While I casually strolled through stories, looking at the lives of others in a moment of boredom, one story, in particular, caught my eye. In that moment, all I could do was ponder about my own life and its trajectory forward. Would I accomplish what I want in time? Am I moving too slow? As these thoughts entered my mind, I quickly dismissed the false story I wanted to tell myself.

Lesson: Keep an eye out on your thoughts that feed into negativity. The negative story is usually a false story based in a misunderstanding of one’s own path.

As I continued to think and ponder, I quickly realized that I was caught. I was CAUGHT in the trap of comparison. I had the prideful assumption that my story should match someone else’s. I had the prideful assumption that I knew what was best for me...that I knew what timing was best...that I may have even failed at some of the most important pivotal steps in my life. The reality was I truly didn’t know. I needed everything in past to build my future. I needed to learn to be me and trust in my uniqueness.

Lesson: Comparison robs you of the truth of who you are and what is supposed to be your unique story.

Every person has their own journey...their own hardships...their own triumphs, which are unique for their life...for their purpose...for their legacy. In that moment, comparison tried to rob of the reality that I was me. I was one, who is different from all others. I am one, who has her own purpose, her own journey, her own hardships, and her own divine timing.

If I had, I would have let comparison cause me to forget that I am so special and rare that the things that come my way have to be special and rare. If I had, I would have let comparison cause me to forget that there was never a time in my life, where my divine timeline was not the best timeline. If I had, I would have let comparison cause me to forget that high end, special things take time, so why would I get caught up in the story of another which I truly have NNNNOOOOOO idea about.

Lesson: Take control of your mind to reroute your thinking to truth and positivity.

While social media is one of the greatest inventions ever. It allows you to stay connected to the lives of friends, family, associates, and even enemies. However, there is a danger to this blessing—one should proceed with caution. This hazard is the danger of comparison and the appearance without the reality. It is very rare that a person will post the moments of hardship, the days where tears warmed their cheek, and the days when giving up was the best option! When using social media, most times we are only privy to the highlights of the GOOD moments. Comparison traps you in the highlights without the story of the failures, which robs you of the full truth. In the end, I was able to relish in this moment. I was able to stamp this day as the day where, I will be sure to circumvent the alluring trap of comparison. Onward to me and more!

Lessons in Being me and Becoming me— all at the same time

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