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Learn the 3 Keys to Creating Passive Income from your Speaking Engagements, Appearances and Programs

Learn how  big brands package their products and services to turn them into  multi millions using legal strategies.   

Did you know, 7 figure brands grow beyond the million dollar point using assets that they own through licensing?   Big brands leverage their current products and services which allow them to grow to 7 figures and beyond, and I AM going to teach you EXACTLY how! 

This Is For You If You...

You want to know how to leverage what you've already created within your business (content, courses, etc.) to make more money.

You want to learn how to protect your content, creations, courses, programs, podcasts, and events ("intellectual property") so that people can't steal YOUR intellectual property.

You want to protect your business like the big brands and identify and address legal vulnerabilities while growing your business.

You want to know what contracts you need in place to protect you, your business, and your future so that you can confidently know that your financial well-being and intellectual property are secured.

You want to avoid non-payments, expensive mistakes, and disputes which can be time-consuming, financially draining, and detrimental to your business' reputation.

It  DOESN'T Matter If...

You don't understand intellectual property or what's a business' asset.

You have questions about the necessity of legal protection for your business. 

You've had negative experiences with legal matters in the past.

You're overwhelmed by the complexities of the law. 

You're concerned about the cost of legal services.

You're just starting out and think your business is too small.

"Most business owners don’t know the power of their assets nor that they can make even more money using assets they’ve already created. You may be wondering, what are my assets? Your assets are everything you’ve created in you in your business!"  

After the Protect Your Business Experience People Say... 

Your Business will be transformed after you learn...

techniques to negotiate better deals, minimize financial risks, and secure more of your hard-earned money

how successful businesses leverage legal tactics to increase their profits and create more streams of income from content they've already created


how to avoid theft, lawsuits and people stopping you from using your own content, creations, courses, etc.

how to master the art of brand protection and prevent misuse of your valuable intellectual property


Attorney Jamila

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by legal complexities, unsure how they impact your business? That's where I come in, Jamila Moore, Esq., the entrepreneur's legal coach.

I'm your lethal weapon on your entrepreneurial journey. I'll equip you with the legal knowledge and strategic foresight to take your business and profits to new heights using trademarks, copyrights, and contracts.

Why I'm Different: I speak your language. As a former teacher and business attorney, I fluently speak both the language of entrepreneurial ambition and the complexities of the legal world.

What I Do: I translate legalese into actionable steps. You get clear guidance and practical strategies to confidently tackle legal hurdles and protect your business.

How I Help You Win: I'm your trusted partner on your entrepreneurial journey. Together, we'll ensure your business thrives with the power of legal knowledge and strategic planning.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Navigate Legal Challenges & Build Thriving Businesses

Jackie Evans

If you're starting a business, if you're trying to grow your business, if you're trying to level up, whatever you're trying to do with your business, she's the person that you need to meet. There were so many valuable things that she dropped. Have things ever gone south, and then you tried to do something about it, but you couldn't do anything about it because you missed the fine print? We learned that language does matter! I don't want to give you any more secrets. I dare you. I challenge you. I admonish you to connect with Attorney Jamila Moore. Your business will never be the same!  She'll help you structure your business for wealth.

Here's what others are saying about this training ...

Kodedra Dockery 

This masterclass for entrepreneurs by Attorney Jamila Moore was amazing and mind blowing.  Listen if you have a business or you’re thinking about having a business,  please take a moment and look for Attorney Jamila Moore’s masterclass for entrepreneurs. I promise you you will not be disappointed. She had everything so well thought out and was able to answer all of our questions. We talked about so many different legal aspects in the entrepreneurial world, and it was eye opening. If you want another level, take  time to find her. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Miko Sherman

This masterclass was filled with a wealth of mind blowing details.  As someone who is new to the entrepreneurial space, her vast amount of experience and exposure left me feeling empowered!  She took a very overwhelming topic and made it manageable to digest and gave me keys to avoid pitfalls.  My main takeaway was “Every decision we make has a legal implication.” And a common saying I use daily in my corporate job was a confirming tune during this class “if it is not documented it didn’t happen.” Thanks again Coach Jam for your pour into the success of my business.


Help Me Make More Money using Licensing!


$97   $27

   $1,000 Value

Here's What's Included:

  • 90-day  License to Licensing for Legacy with Attorney Jamila Moore

  • Licensing for Legacy Workbook

If you have any additional questions or concerns not addressed here, please don't hesitate to reach out by emailing

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