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Gain Access to My Step-by-Step Business Curriculum & Secrets that Every Millionaire Has and Must Master 

 Create & Grow Your Million Dollar Business
Using my Blueprint that Will Help you
Create Offers People Can't Say No To
without Stress, Anxiety, or Confusion.


The ONLY Program on the Market that Will Give You the Million Dollar Blueprint for Your Business in
ONE Place
 Branding - Marketing - Secret to Selling - Ads - Course Creation Group Coaching Programs - Lead Magnets  Funnels - Content Creation -  Offer Creation - Legal - Accounting - Basic Business Planning - Presenting to Sell - Magnetic Client Attraction

Tired of listening to all of the gurus on social media and YouTube and remaining confused and frustrated about the RIGHT next step for you and your business?

Then you have found the right place.

This is for you if you are an aspiring, new or emerging entrepreneur and...

  • You're determined to build multiple streams of income by using what is already on the inside of you;

  • You want to create a course, group coaching program, or membership site

  • You know you have skills, talents, and knowledge (STKs) that others need, but don't know what steps to take to provide those STKs to the masses;

  • You don't know how to create, structure, market, and sell your services and products;

  • You've started a consulting, coaching, service based, or knowledge based business and now you want to stop trading your time for money

  • You have great ideas that you've been discussing with your friends and family but haven't figured out how to monetize that idea

  • You frequently get called upon or complemented on a certain skill, talent, or piece of knowledge and you're tired of not being paid for it

  • You've been thinking I can possibly make money using this or doing that but don't know how to get paid for it

  • You're looking to attract more quality clients

  • You're looking to make money while you are sleeping;  

  • You're looking to earn more income 

  • You're looking for more freedom in your life to do what you want 

  • You need a highly qualified mentor and coach that will be COMMITTED to your success and provide direct feedback; AND  


67AE795C-DFF9-4C4F-B249-714C3FFB83E0_1_105_c - Jamila Moore.jpeg

This Power Packed Mastermind is  EVERYTHING You Need and MORE...
in ONE PLACE! Here is what you will get. 


16 Weeks of Business  Mentorship + Interactive Coaching

You will have a customized online curriculum and 16 weeks of online business mentorship and coaching from Jamila Moore, M.Ed., Esq. and her team which includes weekly training and LIVE Q&As.

($16, 000 value)


Legal, Branding, + Accounting Advisory

You will be able to learn how to legally protect your profits, basic accounting practices and branding practices by receiving guidance as to the policies and systems that you should have in place as a business owner. 

($5,000 value)


Monetize Your Skills to Create 6 Different Streams

Learn how to monetize one offer in several ways to build multiple streams of income, make money in your sleep, and create passive income.

($1,997 value)


LIVE Private Mastermind Forum

The Private Online Mastermind Forum will allow you to build a new network, share your ideas, elevate your skills, and get additional support and coaching as you journey through building your million dollar vision.  

($6,400 value) 


10 Weeks of Accountability + Planning Session

You will be supported with additional weekly sessions to help you  develop the tools and strategies to create the backend systems, customer pathways, and execute on your learning.

 ($4,000 value)


Personalizable Templates

We have taken some of the work off of your plates by providing customizable templates for your launch plan, lesson plans, course framework mapping, LIVE and Masterclass frameworks,  AND customer journey plan. 

 ($1,997 value)


I know, you are thinking, "How can I invest in this mastermind now?"

Wait, let me tell you what is in the curriculum. 


 You will learn EVERYTHING I less time, with less mistakes AND for less money. 

It is SIMPLE, I will empower and equip you with the tools, skills, and strategies to:

+  Quickly Build a Strong Business Foundation & Offers
Secret to Sells & Automatic Client Attraction
Maximize & Protect Your Profits 
+  Build Out the Backend to Run Your New Business
+  Monetize Your Signature Offer into 6 Streams of Income

Plug-N-Play Templates + 1-1 Feedback 

This is what people are saying...

Confident Businesswoman

Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster
Co-Founder of Kusudi Consulting Group

This mastermind is a step-by-step guided process in a community of innovative partners that helps you build your business and your brand in a way that attracts others to what you have to offer. This is done in a shame free environment where everyone is at a different stage on their millionaire journey and they feel welcomed, valued, and encouraged. In addition, the learning opportunities are flexible even for those with busy schedules.

Morenike Williams, Esq. 
CEO of Revision Coaching

 Instead of solely focusing on getting ANY product out to market asap, she tactically and strategically steps her mastermind members through a comprehensive curriculum.  Her systematic approach (i) provides a deep dive into uncovering your audience, (ii) practically explains the back office of running a business, and (iii) positions you to launch the RIGHT product – the one your ideal audience actually wants – in order to help you maximize the income, impact and influence you can achieve with your new launch. She'll teach you how to build a sustainable, chart-topping business, not a one-hit wonder.

Helen Dallas 
CEO of Life Moves with Helen 

I am enjoying this program tremendously!!! Just the few videos I’ve watched has made things so clear! This is phenomenal!!!!!! Can’t wait to dig in some more tomorrow! Thank you for being phenomenally you! This is exactly what I need! Every starter up needs this! So great!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿😇😇😇. I feel very happy encouraged and I know it’s doable. The steps and direction you’ve been given has been so good.

Confident Businesswoman

Jackie Evans
CEO of Life's Ripple Effects 

I am so grateful to be a part of this community. What you’ve taught me about my niche and learning what to offer has transformed the way that I will build out my business. You’ve broken it down in a way for me to truly understand!

Dr. Annetta Doolittle 
CEO of Faith2Feet

This program offers me a step-by-step guide to creating an offer (I don’t believe it’s just a signature course or membership, but the sense of detail and emphasis that is placed on market research, it’s a spot-on offer/a that I know we all are going to leave with. You are making us do the stuff others don’t harp on: let the market inform us and then prepare to unleash what they can’t say no to.

Danyale Davis Lang
CEO of Davis Consulting Group

I am so grateful that I found your program. Nobody is offering what you offer. People are telling  you what to do but no one is helping learn the steps to get there. With I AM, I know I AM starting my business the right way! I am thankful you gave me the formula for my business.

Gain Access to the Millionaire Vision Builder  Mastermind  Community Today!

After counseling new and aspiring entrepreneurs since 2017 and learning best practices in the industry, I've compiled an unmatched high-end curriculum that will not only ensure that you learn how to monetize your skills, talents, and knowledgebut also legally protect your profits, learn how to run a business (not simply sell a product or service), and perfect your communication and presentation skills. The Live Mastermind  alone is worth the cost of tuition

Millionaire Vision Builder Mastermind is packed with

 $35,394 worth of value!

The Tuition Investment is only $5,000  $10,000  

The Lowest 
Price it Will EVER Be

will not only give you all of the above, it will also help you take back your time, create wealth, AND allow you to recession proof your life by living on your own terms!

Option 1:
Full Pay

  Investment $5,000

Option 2:
Pay in Five Payments of $1,050

Investment $5,250


Get started today and save money.

Get started today and make the sequential  payments every 30 days thereafter. 

**Buy Now + Pay Later with No Money Down for 6 Months is Available Through PayPal**


PayPal's "Pay Later Credit" allows you to gain full access to the Millionaire Vision Builder Mastermind by paying nothing today! If approved, you will have no payments today and zero interest for six months. Subject to the terms and conditions of PayPal,  PayPal will pay us today while deferring your payments for six months.


To use this option:

  1. Login or create a PayPal account before registering for  Millionaire Vision Builder Mastermind

  2. Apply for the PayPal Pay Later Option on PayPal's website

  3. Return to

  4. SELECT Option 1 (Full Pay) above

  5. CHOOSE PayPal at checkout to complete the details 

If approved for partial funding email to arrange the  payment of the balance.


As I am committed to you, once you remit payment, you are committed to Building Your Millionaire Vision. As such, whether you chose to pay in part or in full, you understand that there are NO REFUNDS, and NO CHARGEBACKS of any sort, at any time. I believe that it is commitment to follow-through that will make the difference in 60 days or less. As such this policy is an additional incentive for you to commit to you, your vision, and the people waiting on you to provide your special market solution!



No problem! Book a FREE Call to learn more and see if we can support you in building and/or growing your business?


I know you are wondering:

  • Do I have what it takes to turn my STKs into profits?

  • I don't like social media, how can I monetize my STKs?

  • I only have a few followers, will this work for me?

  • I've never been a coach, teacher, or speaker, how will this work for me?

  • I'm sure, you may have found another reason or five as to why you are not ready or why this is not the right time, but...

I want to invite you to consider an alternative perspective:

  • What if this is the right time, with the right community, with the right coach?

  • What if by this date in three months, you were supposed to be living life on your own terms while working higher and not harder?

  • What if there is a person out there waiting on you to unleash your STKs to the masses so that they can have what the need to get to their next level?

  • What if the thing costing you the most in life is not your job or your skill level, but excuses as to why it's not time to show up for you?

In the End, You Have Two Options.. 

ONE, continue life as is and prolong the life you could live and continue building other people’s dreams rather than your own


TWO, invest in the only person that can take the limits off your income, time, and life!

Where could you be 16 weeks from now if you take a chance on you?

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