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Unleash Your 




Learn how to birth the vision and dream within while legally protecting it.

"If there is a vision down in your belly, that you’ve been trying to unleash, but have not found the right support and roadmap to fully birth your vision, then you are in the right place!"

This Is For You If You...

see "what to do", but you do not know "how to do it

want to legally protect your profits, brand and business

fear has been holding you back from launching your business 

value the power of community, networking, and collaboration

looking for a strategic edge to stand out in a crowded marketplace 

have a business idea or passion project but have faced challenges in launching and attaining profits

need guidance in crafting and delivering compelling stories to captivate your audience 

want to maximize platforms to showcase your brand and deliver your stories to the right audience

It  DOESN'T Matter If You...

You are nervous about your business idea or passion and are unsure if you "can do it"

you have other obligations, such as a full-time job or family responsibilities 

you don't have a lot  of money to invest 

you don't like to speak-up in communities and spaces

you don't know where to start 

92% of people with business ideas and visions never unleash their God Ideas and end up living the regret of "what could have been." Will that be you or will you go after everything that is assigned for your life? 

After the Protect Your Business Experience People Say... 

Here is How you will Unleash Your God Idea by...

Identifying and Defining your "God Idea" 

Identifying and Defining who needs your "God Idea"

Identifying and Defining the best Virtual Spaces and Events to Unleash your "God Idea"

Identifying and Strategizing for your Specific Legal Regulations to protect your "God Idea"

Identifying and Strategizing which specific  Contracts, Copyrights and Trademarks are necessary to protect your "God Idea"

Coach Jason Releford

Before getting connected with Coach Jamila I knew I wanted to get my business started but I was stuck as to how. After working with her I went from NO business at all to building and launching one. She helped so much with my mindset and building my confidence while equipping me with the tools and resources I needed! If you need a business coach/strategist/attorney etc. get with her because she wears all the hats. She really is a ONE STOP SHOP! 

Here's what others are saying  ...

Attorney Morenike Williams 

Jamila has curated an immersive introduction to income-generating and impact-focused entrepreneurship. Instead of solely focusing on getting ANY product out to market asap, she tactically and strategically steps her mastermind members through a comprehensive curriculum.  Her systematic approach (i) provides a deep dive into uncovering your audience, (ii) practically explains the back office of running a business, and (iii) positions you to launch the RIGHT product – the one your ideal audience actually wants – in order to help you maximize the income, impact and influence you can achieve with your new launch. She'll teach you how to build a sustainable, chart-topping business, not a one-hit wonder.

Dr. Tonicia Freeman Foster

Jamila offers a step-by-step guided process in a community of innovative partners to build your business and your brand in a way that attracts others to what you have to offer. This is done in a shame free environment where everyone is at a different stage on their millionaire journey and they feel welcomed, valued, and encouraged. In addition, the learning opportunities are flexible even for those with busy schedules.


Meet Your Coach

Unlock the door to boundless possibilities with Attorney Jamila Moore, a dynamic force in the realm of business strategy and intellectual property law. Since 2017, Jamila has been the unwavering ally of countless entrepreneurs, guiding them through the intricate intersection of strategy and legality to transform aspirations into profitable businesses. Jamila is a strategic visionary, adept at deciphering market dynamics and distilling complex business challenges into actionable steps.

Jamila's commitment to entrepreneurial success goes beyond one-on-one interactions. She is a community builder, fostering networks where like-minded individuals can share insights, experiences, and support. Now, Jamila extends an invitation to you to join her transformative workshop "Unleash Your God Idea." In this workshop, she combines her legal prowess, strategic vision, and passion for entrepreneurship to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to turn your vision into profits while legally protecting it.

Help Me Unleash My God Idea Now 


$97   $27

   $1,000 Value

Here's What's Included:

  • 90-day  License to Unleash Your God Idea with Attorney Jamila Moore

  • Unleash Your God Idea Workbook

If you have any additional questions or concerns not addressed here, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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