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Sign up for this FREE Masterclass where I will teach you my SIMPLE, power packed formula which allowed me to monetize my skills, increase my income,  gain time freedom , and live the life I want. 

Reclaim your time and live free by using what is already on the INSIDE OF YOU!

In this ONE Masterclass, Let Me Teach You My SIMPLE FORMULA on How to Leverage Your Skills, Talents, and Knowledge to Position Yourself to Own Your Own Time, Take the Limits Off Your Earning Potential, and Live the Life You Want! 

All of your hopes and dreams are ready to be fulfilled, and it is closer than you think...let me show you how!

I was just like you! I knew that there was MORE to life, and that I had skills, talents, and knowledge that were not being utilized in a way that allowed me to truly enjoy my life. I was overwhelmed, underpaid, and tired!  True to my intuition, THERE IS MORE to life, only if you are willing to go after it!

Who is this for:


looking to grow your business and make money in your sleep


looking to increase your impact and influence in the corporate arena by becoming a trainer


looking to lessen the hustle, bustle, and overwhelm of servicing clients one-to-one 


looking to get into group coaching and further monetize your book

Meet Your Coach


Jamila Moore, M. Ed. Esq., is a visionary, thought leader, and founder of I AM & More ™, a full-service leadership and business development firm that provides coaching, courses, and consulting to support aspiring and new entrepreneurs as both legal counsel and a business strategist. Though Jamila is a licensed attorney in California and New York, she served as a teacher for over a decade. In 2013, she advanced from a teacher to a coach. While attending law school in the evening, Jamila served as school administrator and coach where she advised organizational leaders, provided organizational strategy, and created and implemented organization-wide policies and procedures. In addition, Jamila developed professional development curriculums and workshops and led staff-wide professional development training and workshops. As a result, many of these organizations experienced exponential growth and achieved greater staff performance and morale.


Despite her love for education, Jamila fully transitioned to the legal field in 2017 where she began working with new, aspiring, and emerging entrepreneurs. Jamila’s work with entrepreneurs included business advice and legal counsel. Jamila’s love for entrepreneurs grew while her passion for teaching never waned, which is why Jamila bundled her talents together in I AM & More ™ where her team works with YOU to build out your profitable business, ensure your success, and mitigate your risks.

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