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Sign up for this Legal Masterclass for Entrepreneurs where I will teach how to avoid legal mistakes that lead to profit loss, overcome shady business practices, and what to look out for legally at every stage of your business, even if you are just starting out!  




Date: Thursday, April 27 at 7:00 pm EST 

Starting and Growing a Business without  LEGAL support is like DRIVING a car without insurance on the day of an ACCIDENT!

In this ONE Masterclass, let me teach you a SIMPLE FORMULA on how  to  SECURE  your profits, brand and  business while  PROTECTING your business from profit loss. 

Date: Thursday, April 27 at 7:00 pm EST 

This Is For You If You...

want to lessen the overwhelm of starting and growing your business and know exactly what you need to do next in your business 

want to know the RIGHT decisions to make in your business to ensure its success and increase your profits

want to operate with less fear as to what you need to do legally to ensure clients do not bankrupt your business

want to rid yourself of lawsuits and investigations from government agencies due to compliance issues 

want to protect and secure your ideas, content and intellectual property from being stolen by copycats and past clients 

It Does Not Matter If...

you are just starting out and have not created your legal structure

you've never taken steps to obtain legal support for your business

you have contract templates in place in your business

your business practices have been a "little shady"

you are a profitable established business

your business has yet to turn a profit

Don't let that one time be THAT time that causes your business to FAIL. 

In the Secured Experience

You Will Learn...

the necessary legal protections and contracts which are needed at each level of a business that CEOs typically overlook 

why protecting your business’ intellectual property (“IP”) is important and the most common, costly pitfalls of business owners
(IP: copyright, trademark + patents)

what to do to protect and secure your profits, minimize legal risks, and begin to think like a lawyer in your own business 

the necessary areas of law that every business owner must be aware of monitor and the common pitfalls

and more...

In the Full Protection Experience

You Will Learn Even More...

  Everything in Secured 

  10 necessary clauses for every contract and the language therein to protect the business and its IP, brand and profits 

 7 IP practices to fully secure, protect and grow your business so that you can leverage your digital real estate and avoid business, brand and profit loss 

and more...

Jackie Evans

If you're starting a business, if you're trying to grow your business, if you're trying to level up, whatever you're trying to do with your business, she's the person that you need to meet. There were so many valuable things that she dropped. Have things ever gone south, and then you tried to do something about it, but you couldn't do anything about it because you missed the fine print? We learned that language does matter! I don't want to give you any more secrets. I dare you. I challenge you. I admonish you to connect with Attorney Jamila Moore. Your business will never be the same!  She'll help you structure your business for wealth.

Kodedra Dockery 

Everybody I just finished a masterclass for entrepreneurs by Attorney Jamila Moore. It was amazing and mind blowing.  Listen if you have a business or you’re thinking about having a business,  please take a moment and look for Attorney Jamila Moore’s masterclass for entrepreneurs. I promise you you will not be disappointed. She had everything so well thought out and was able to answer all of our questions. We talked about so many different legal aspects in the entrepreneurial world, and it was eye opening. If you want another level, take  time to find her. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Miko Sherman 

Structured for Wealth Masterclass was filled with a wealth of mind blowing details.  As someone who is new to the entrepreneurial space, her vast amount of experience and exposure left me feeling empowered!  She took a very overwhelming topic and made it manageable to digest and gave me keys to avoid pitfalls.  My main takeaway was “Every decision we make has a legal implication.” And a common saying I use daily in my corporate job was a confirming tune during this class “if it is not documented it didn’t happen.” Thanks again Coach Jam for your pour into the success of my business.


After the Structured for Wealth Experience People Say... 


Meet Jamila 

Jamila Moore, M. Ed. Esq., is a visionary, thought leader, and founder of I AM & More®, a full-service leadership, business and legal development firm that provides coaching, courses, and consulting to support entrepreneurs as both legal counsel and a business strategist. Though Jamila is a licensed attorney in California and New York, she served as a teacher for over a decade. In 2013, she advanced from a teacher to a coach. While attending law school in the evening, Jamila served as school administrator and coach where she advised organizational leaders, provided organizational strategy, and created and implemented organization-wide policies and procedures. In addition, Jamila developed professional development curriculums and workshops and led staff-wide professional development training and workshops. As a result, many of these organizations experienced exponential growth and achieved greater staff performance and morale.


Despite her love for education, Jamila fully transitioned to the legal field in 2017 where she began working with new, aspiring, and emerging entrepreneurs. Jamila’s work with entrepreneurs included business advice and legal counsel. Jamila’s love for entrepreneurs grew while her passion for teaching never waned, which is why Jamila bundled her talents together in I AM & More ™ where her team works with YOU to build out your profitable business, ensure your success, and mitigate your risks.

Secure and Protect Your Wealth Today!

Date: Thursday, April 27,  at 7:00 pm EST ​

The First 50 Registrants will Receive a Free 30-Day License to the "7 Pitfalls of Business that Costs Entrepreneurs $$$" Legal Training    

7:00 - 9:00 PM EST

Full-Protection Experience 

$297   $97

   $997 Value

Limited Spots Available 

Here's What's Included:

  • Structured for Wealth Live Training with Attorney Jamila Moore

  • Additional Live Training: Contracts and Trademark Profit Protection Accelerator

  • Extended Q+A 

  • 90-day License to Structured for Wealth with Attorney Jamila Moore  

  • 90-day License to Contracts and Trademark Profit Protection Accelerator

  • Up to 10% off Services and Products booked within 14 days of Masterclass (*subscriptions & discounted courses not included) 

7:00 - 8:00 PM EST 

Secured Experience

$97   $37

   $497 Value

Limited Spots Available 

Here's What's Included:

  • Structured for Wealth Live Training with Attorney Jamila Moore

  • 30-day License to Structured for Wealth with Attorney Jamila Moore

  • Limited Q+A 

Decided you want full protection? 

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