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Entrepreneurship Made Simple 

In This Free Masterclass, You'll Receive my Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Ensure Your Business is Set-up to Succeed and Make Offers People Cannot Refuse 

Tired of feeling  frustrated, annoyed and confused about entrepreneurship?  Have you been seeking clarity about the next step in your business?  


If so, this is the right masterclass for you!

In this ONE Masterclass, Let Me Teach You how to Simply Position Your Business, Attract Your Tribe of Qualified Buyers, and Legally Protect Your Profits ! 

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Your Coach, Jamila Moore, M.Ed, Esq.

 Jamila is the founder of I AM & More®, a full-service leadership and business development firm that holds the hands of aspiring and new entrepreneurs as both legal counsel and a business strategist to ensure their success. Though Jamila is a licensed attorney in California and New York, she served as a teacher for over a decade. In 2013, she advanced from a teacher to a coach. While attending law school in the evening, Jamila served as school administrator and coach where she advised organizational leaders, provided organizational strategy, and created and implemented organization-wide policies and procedures. In addition, Jamila developed professional development curriculums and workshops and led staff-wide professional development training and workshops. As a result, many of these organizations experienced exponential growth.


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