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Jamila Moore, M. Ed., Esq. is a licensed attorney in California and New York. Before joining the legal field in 2017, Jamila served as school administrator and coach where she advised organizational leaders, provided organizational strategy, and created and implemented organization-wide policies and procedures. In addition, Jamila developed professional development curriculums and workshops and led staff-wide professional development trainings and workshops. As a result, many of these organizations experienced exponential growth and achieved greater staff performance and morale.  


Despite Jamila’s accomplishments, the odds of Jamila leading a successful life were slim as she grew up in inner city Los Angeles. Jamila transformed those odds into triumphs by becoming a first-generation college graduate, first generation attorney, first generation author, and first-generation entrepreneur. Jamila's self-determination and willingness to persevere helped her become an attorney where no more than 2% of attorneys in the United States are black women. This stark statistic helped Jamila recognize that her life’s purpose included much more than legally advising others and organizations—this birthed I AM Moore Consulting LLC dba I AM & More ("I AM") and the books, Affirmations for Transformation and Win the Day, the Night Before.                     
Jamila founded I AM, a full-service consulting agency, to support aspiring and new entrepreneurs as both legal counsel and a business strategy and development coach. True to the name of Jamila’s business, she provides more. Jamila is also dedicated to ensuring that existing businesses reach their goals and achieve greater staff performance by designing strategic professional development curriculums and availing herself to lead organizational-wide professional development trainings and workshops.


Jamila is not only an academic scholar and accomplished professional, she is also a thought leader. In recognition of Jamila’s work, Brooklyn Law School honored Jamila as a spotlight graduate and Triumph Church honored Jamila as a “Woman of Excellence.”  In addition, the G.O.O.D. for Girls Organization of Westchester County selected Jamila to serve as their keynote speaker for their 1st Annual Career Fair and Expo for Girls, and Jamila now serves as an active board member of the organization. 
Though Jamila leads an active life, she always finds time to be of service to all mankind!

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